Pierce College Football Coach Under Investigation For Allegedly Letting Players Sleep In Locker Room

Pierce College

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WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA)  — A college football coach is under investigation Wednesday for, among other things, being accused of letting his players sleep in the locker room and charging them rent.

A former player for the Pierce College football team is alleging that he ended up homeless, living in his car, after he paid his coach money for a room to stay in.

According to Pierce College’s paper, “The Roundup News,” the team’s head football coach Carlos Woods is under an internal investigation after football players and staff filed complaints that Woods collected $300-400 for housing from some players who ended up being kicked out of their apartments because the rent hadn’t been paid.

The unnamed players who came forward told the paper at least four players were living in the locker room this semester after they were evicted. They said last season, at least 30 players lived in a 3-bedroom apartment on De Soto Avenue and Vanowen Street. One player said it ended up being like a camp or jail and when some didn’t pay rent or the bills, they were evicted and allegedly told by Woods they were on their own.

“Nobody should live under circumstance like that,” says student Isak Langstroem Radomski, “And I feel for the students who found themselves in this situation.”

“Housing should be more affordable here so I feel like maybe that was his aim, was to yes, to benefit from it in the way of getting money, but also to help,” says student Monique Jones.

The paper says Woods is also accused of recruiting out-of-state players and allowing other ineligible players to compete in games.

“I hope that it gets investigated so we can see what actually is going on,” says Radomski.

Kim reached out to Pierce College for a statement but says the school said they didn’t have anyone to speak to CBS2/KCAL9 or make a statement. She also reached out to Coach Woods but was unable to reach him for comment by phone.