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Spy-fi novelist Josh Conviser

A conversation about hybridizing genres, using future technology and reading Dwell magazine with Josh Conviser, author of Echelon and Empyre.

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Litblogger and novelist Mark Sarvas

A conversation about book criticism, the Los Angeles Literary scene and Michiko Kakutani with Mark Sarvas, author of popular weblog The Elegant Variation. Harry, Revised, his first novel, hits shelves in May 2008.

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TOD Typology and Strategic Plan for Denver

Denver is building 119 miles of rail and 70 new stations in six years, and the Center for Transit-Oriented Development has helped develop a “TOD Typology” for the city and the county that categorizes stations according to seven ”types“ (downtown, urb...

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Hercules Aerial Tram, Mobility Study and Report (2007)

This study seeks to inform City of Hercules Council and Staff about connecting the City’s waterfront to a new developing town center. This study gives technical information on the possibility of using aerial ropeways (which includes aerial trams a...

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Twin Cities TOD Toolkit

Reconnecting America has undertaken a three-year effort to educate regional decision-makers and communities about TOD. Educational information about the Hiawatha, Central, and North Star corridors is being developed to help provide a better understan...

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TOD 101: Transit-Oriented Development And Why Now?

This colorful 24-page “picture book” lays out in easy-to-read format how shifting demographics and the changing real estate market have opened up an unprecedented window of opportunity for transit-oriented development. The book explains what TOD is...

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Tools for Mixed-Income TOD

This paper describes and evaluates tools and strategies that are being used to create mixed-income and affordable housing near transit in regions around the U.S. The first half of the paper explains how these various strategies are being used and the...

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The Affordability Index

The housing and transportation Affordability Index quantifies the impact of transportation costs on the affordability of housing choices and the savings derived from living in “location efficient” communities that are near transit, shopping, schools...

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Connecting America: Making the Case for Intercity Rail

Imagine traveling quickly and conveniently between cities, avoiding congestion on the highways and at the airports. Imagine being able to fly across the country, and catch a train at the airport that takes you to your final destination, all with just...